Warranty & maintenance

Design consultancy

Experience over 20 years in design consultancy to offer the most effective solution with the most economical fee. The areas of consulting and design are as follows:

  • Industrial refrigeration system and commercial refrigeration.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Boiler system
  • Compressed air
  • Consulting, designing drawings, making preliminary estimates.
  • Provide software to design air conditioning systems RMV. Or RMV-V.
  • Provide software for cold load calculation.
  • Provide software to calculate air flow for ventilation systems.
  • Ventilation design, cooling large factory

Construction and installation of M&E systems

The team of engineers and workers has many years of experience in design, construction, equipment installation, specializing in the construction of air conditioning systems and central and local ventilation systems for civil works. Application such as: Office for rent, Apartment, Mixed houses, construction works and works in industrial parks, factories ...

Industrial refrigeration system and commercial refrigeration.

  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Boiler system
  • Compressed air

Fire protection:

  • Automatic sprinkler system, warning system, automatic fire alarm system, ...

Water supply and drainage system:

  • Water treatment system
  • Waste water treatment system
  • Pump system
  • Provide mechanical products

Wind pipe and wind distribution equipment.

  • Types of air vents (round, square, vane, spherical wind mouth, slit wind mouth, curved slit mouth)
  • Wind control valve, fire stop valve
  • Firefighting cabinet
  • Cable ladder, box, trough

Power system

  • Power supply system: Supply and install electricity distribution system (including medium voltage cabinet), transformer, generator system, low voltage switchboard, electrical cabinet and control cabinet, lighting system, anti-lightning system
  • Light electrical system CCTV system, communication system, telephone, public sound system, television cable system.

BMS control system for the whole project

Warranty & maintenance

During the warranty period, defective parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge when damaged due to manufacturing errors

The free warranty is not applicable when:

  • Do not register electronic warranty or accompanying invoice.
  • Damage caused by user side such as transportation, installation, maintenance, wrong power source with instructions.
  • The user arbitrarily changes or repairs the product structure, product code / warranty card.
  • Damage caused by natural disasters, lightning, fire, corrosive environment, insects.

The cost is not included in the free warranty and is charged separately:

  • Transport the machine to a service center from areas far from the city.
  • Rental fee for installing safe vehicles to work on high, dangerous conditions.
  • Labor and material fees for compressor replacement after the first two years

Warranty Policy:

  • 02 year warranty for all Reetech air conditioners. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase but must not exceed 03 years from the date of manufacture.
  • For compressors of wall-mounted air-conditioners, there is a 5-year warranty, and the compressor of RCA RMV and Chiller systems is warranted for 4 years. The warranty period of the compressor is calculated from the date of manufacture.

After the first two years, if the compressor fails and is covered under warranty, the company will provide a free compressor to replace, customers will bear other costs incurred if any (auxiliary materials, labor .. .)